Interview with Lahava CEO Bentzi Gopstein

Tell me about yourself: I studied at ​​Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea. I was born in 5729 (תשכ”ט), and I am the proud  father of 8 children, and many grandchildren. My wife, Anat, is also actively involved in the pursuit of activities help Jewish . Over the past few years, I have […]

Another “terror” operation of Lahava organization. Another Jewish woman returned to her Jewish home!

Thanks to Lahava, another young woman has returned to her Jewish home! The fourth woman this month, after converting to Islam and living with an Arab, she has now returned. State of Israel

The War of Assimilation is not Racism, it is Judaism!

  A loud knock on my door wakes me up early one Sunday morning, and I hear my son call out, “Has there been a terrorist attack?” We quickly head downstairs to shouting and a loud ruckus. Bentzi Gopstein, 26/10/17 It’s Sunday morning,5:00am. There was a loud pounding on my door. My son calls out, […]

One More Precious Soul Has Been Rescued.

Of the many stories that come through the doors of the Lahava Organization is one about a young woman, a mother, living in the center of the country, from a Dati-Leumi home whose daughter was a victim of assimilation, and how Lahava has brought her home.  Orly Harari, Publication date: from “PIRSUM RISHON” 11/06/14   […]

Gopstein: “Arabs take Haredim from Bnei Brak, Jerusalem and Bitar” • Interview

Lahava in an interview with CHAREIDIM 10: “In most of the cases that come to Lahava, the girls come from are ultra-orthodox families. The blame: The ultra-Orthodox community is not supporting these young girls and sometimes they are even kicked out of the educational institutions or from their homes for misbehavior. They find comfort among […]

In your merit, his name is not Muhammad!

“A young woman worked at Rami Levi, met and married an Arab…she has returned to Judaism and is now proud to present her newborn son,.” • Anat Gopstein, in an emotional post on “Am Israel.” I remember this same girl, we’ll call her “N” about five years ago, wearing a veil when she worked at […]

Mazel Tov! We are elated to spread the news that a boy has been born!!

Mazel Tov! We are elated to spread the news that a boy has been born!! “Hamavdil Ben Kodesh L’chol!” Many months ago, this lovely woman was rescued from her Arab partner. She was placed in emergency housing in Lahava. On Friday, she gave birth to this beautiful boy! We have been privileged to support her […]

From an Arab village to a Jewish wedding

Here is a miraculous story about Daniel Dvash, who grew up in East Jerusalem as Nidal. Published in the Jewish Voice At the age of 19, Nidal, now Daniel, discovered the significance of having a Jewish mother. He then embarked on a long period of secret study, left his family in the village of Jabal […]