Lehava’s new reality show: “Convince her”

Lehava’s new reality show: “Convince her”

The Lehava organization has come up with a new contest, “Convince her”, that calls on participants to write an article or make a video that will convince a girl going out with a goy to end the relationship.

Arutz 7 in cooperation with Lehava, 29 Cheshvan 5782/4 Nov. 2021

The Lehava organization “to prevent assimilation in the Holy Land”, has launched a new competition under the name: Convince her.

The goal: To write an article or produce a video that will convince a girl in a romantic relationship with a goy, to end any connection with the goy and come back to the Jewish people. The articles and videos will be ranked by the public, who will vote and determine who the winners are.

The winners of the competition will be entitled to the following prizes:

• First place: Purchase vouchers amounting to 2000 shekels in choice store chains, and the video will be published on the Arutz 7 website and the article published in the “Gilui Da’at” weekly journal.
• Second place: The creation will be posted on Arutz 7’s website and entitled to purchase vouchers amounting to NIS 500 in the “Divrei Shir” chain.
• Third place: Purchase vouchers for the Divrei Shir chain amounting to NIS 250 and it will be published on the Arutz 7 website.

Submission of articles and videos will begin from Rosh Chodesh Kislev until Rosh Chodesh Tevet.

To participate in the contest, send your articles/videos to: [email protected]


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