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This is how assimilation begins, this is what distortion looks like

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Benzi Gopstein: This is how assimilation begins, this is what distortion looks like
Chairman of the Lehava organization Benzi Gopstein, in an opinion piece against the visit of the girls of the Lindenbaum Seminary with a Muslim sheikh in the city of Rahat.
Benzi Gopstein for Arutz 7, 16 Iyar 5781/29 April 2021
This is how assimilation begins, but this time – with a so-called ‘Halakhic’ seal. Two days ago, it was reported here on Arutz 7 that the girls of the Lindenbaum seminary traveled with the head of the seminary, Rabbi Ohad Taharlev, to the city of Rahat, and paid a visit to the home of a Muslim sheikh.
The reason for the visit, if you were wondering, is this: According to the article, the sheikh and his family were attacked by Jews in Jerusalem after the Friday prayer of the month of Ramadan. “Upon learning of the attack, the head of the Lindenbaum seminary, Rabbi Ehad Taharlev, decided to take action and visit the Sheikh’s house in Rahat,” it was written.
It’s good to know that Midrasha girls are meeting people who are just being attacked on the streets for nothing, I thought to myself.
But then I went to search across the network for more information, that Rabbi Taharlev had traveled with the girls of the seminary to visit the dozens of Jews who had been attacked by masses of bloodthirsty Arabs in recent days; Yahya Gerdi, for example, who was traveling with his vehicle on the way to the Western Wall, was pulled out of the vehicle near the Nablus Gate, dropped to the floor and dozens of Arabs lynched him brutally – and for dessert, they also burned his vehicle.
Or Eli Rosen, who went for a walk with the dog near the Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood, and if he had not been rescued from the mob by police, who would have known if he could have said the following from his hospital bed: “’Yahud’, they shouted, and I saw death. Luckily I survived it, someone else could have ended his life there. This is a third intifada.” I searched and searched, but did not find. Apparently at Lindenbaum, compassion is reserved for Arabs only.
But that is not the end of the sin of that unfortunate visit, while Arabs are carrying out a real intifada against Jews across the country. The article also says that the girls visited a local mosque, heard a lecture from the sheikh on “the tangent lines between the conception of Judaism and Islam,” and was even presented with a program for older women to study the Koran.
Well, as I said, this is how assimilation begins. This is how a distortion of values is seen, which was done in the name of Torah. Anyone who claims to teach Jewish girls Judaism cannot legitimize Islam. Because if Islam is legitimate, and if it is, like Judaism – a religion like all religions, so to speak, why not actually advocate it? Why not become a Muslim? And maybe it is possible to be both Jewish and Muslim together? It is very enlightened, very pluralistic and also looks very beautiful…
“How long will you hesitate over the two opinions? If the L-rd is G-d – follow him, and if Ba’al – follow him,” Elijah the prophet told the people of Israel. There is no “both”. Judaism is not some kind of amiable culture that can be combined with other religions in the name of false liberalism.
Unfortunately, in recent times, the switchboard in the Lehava organization has received more and more cases of ulpana girls who have fallen into contact with Arabs.
We will end with a personal appeal to Rabbi Taharlev and the other staff members at the Midrasha: Do you want girls to come and study with you? Just don’t tell them that you are teaching them Torah.