The spreaders of the virus of assimilation are no longer just in villages or mixed cities

Lehava in a new video: The spreaders of the virus of assimilation are no longer just in villages or mixed cities
The Lehava organization this morning (Thursday) published a new video that describes that since the outbreak of the corona crisis, there has been a significant increase in the number of cases of mixed relationships and harassment of Jewish girls for nationalistic reasons in Israel; this is a result of the longer residence permits that Arab workers from Judea and Samaria are receiving for a number of months now, in order to stay in Israel.
Lehava reports that since these residence permits have been given out, hundreds of complaints of harassment of Jewish girls by Arab workers staying in Israel and living on construction sites, as well as within Jewish areas including Charedi cities, have been received. Lehava is calling on the public to report to the organization’s switchboard on any such incidents.
Lehava Chairman Benzi Gopstein: “The corona is still with us, apparently for a long time, until they find a vaccine, but for the virus of assimilation in the State of Israel, no efforts are being made to find a vaccine, which during the corona has only led to a worsening of the situation. In granting permits, thousands of Arabs from Judea and Samaria are allowed to stay in Jewish cities, without taking into account any of the disastrous implications of this. The time has come for national efforts to be dedicated to the fight against assimilation, besides the concern for rehabilitating Israel’s economy and finding solutions to the corona.”
Are you protecting yourself against the corona virus? In the meantime, the assimilation virus continues to run out of control outside!
During the corona, the number of reports arriving at Lehava of harassment of Jewish women by Arab workers has doubled itself!
Have YOU come across an incident of harassment of a Jewish woman? Click the link, leave details together with a description of the incident, and a Lehava representative will get in touch with you asap:

נגיף ההתבוללות

TOGETHER, we’ll keep our distance from the spreaders of the assimilation virus, and TOGETHER we’ll break the chain of infection!


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