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The Splitting of the Red Sea

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A story from “M’Afar Kumi” that Anat Gopstein chose to post:
The Splitting of the Red Sea
“It’s hard for me. I can’t be alone. I want a partner”, she said. She waits and prays, and it doesn’t come. Years ago she had a non-Jewish partner. She understood that it didn’t suit her, but it was hard for her to leave him. It took her time until she decided to end the relationship. It wasn’t easy, it was a long and tiring process, but she proudly succeeded in it. Today she works for youth at risk. She wants to atone for the foolishness she did as a teenager.
She’s been looking for a partner for years already; she goes on dates that cause her a lot of frustration. She so much expects to have a relationship, and the greatness of her expectations is matched by her great disappointment.
“I know I’m not doing it right, I’m simply broken”, she says. She feels that she doesn’t think clearly, makes a lot of mistakes and it just doesn’t work for her. It’s frustrating and breaks her into pieces. This occupies her thoughts all day long, and she’s emotionally drained.
She came to me for treatment so that she could make some order between the rooms of her heart, to come to mental peace, to understand what is going on within herself – the thoughts and feelings, that stir her up, and to cope with them, and mainly to make space for something new.
When we know how to listen and contain ourselves, we can contain the other person, come to a real partnership and to a proper and flourishing relationship.
So to match up someone with his/her mate is as hard as splitting the Red Sea…