Thanks to you, his name is not Muhammed!

Anat Gopstein:
Thanks to you, his name is not Muhammed!
This is what N. told me tearfully when her son was born – what joy, what happiness.
I remember that same girl wearing a veil whom I met 5 years ago in the Rami Levi store, her workplace, where she met him, married him and converted to Islam. She didn’t want any help then, “it will be OK”, she said, and that’s what she thought. I left her my phone number to use at a time of trouble. “There won’t be any need”, she said, “It’s fine by me, I even fast during Ramadan”.
All that was left for me to do was to pray for the mercy of Heaven, to support and to cry with the miserable, broken mother. This was in the month of Elul and the Days of Awe. How many tears she shed then at the graves of the tzadikim and at the grave of her grandmother, after whom she was named. How much crying, how many prayers “Please, Hashem, save me”.
The next day, Yom Kippur, I got a phone call; “I went back home, I want to come back to Judaism”. Wonderful, what happened? “My grandmother came to me in a dream. I was very connected to this grandmother, I’m named after her, she taught me “El Nora Alila” (G-d of Awe, G-d of Might – said at Neila on Yom Kippur). I understood that I have to go back home, I couldn’t stay there.”
Little by little, she began the rehabilitation process; we went side by side, hand in hand, back to the Jewish people. Back to sanity, and meanwhile, she has already helped a number of girls to come back to Judaism, and her mother supports and comforts broken parents whose world has been destroyed.
How many tears flowed from her eyes on the wedding day, tears of happiness; look where this girl was, and look where she is today, the woman with the veil became a beautiful and pious bride.
For Your mercy has never stopped, for we have always hoped in You.
And on Rosh Chodesh Elul, a month of mercy and forgiveness, I get a phone call from N.: Thanks to you, this child is NOT named Muhammed.

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