Sponsored by “Normalization”: Trafficking in Jewish Women

Sponsored by “Normalization”: Trafficking in Jewish Women
The Emirates are looking for models from Israel: Let’s set aside, for a moment, the national and halachic problems arising from the agreement itself. Is trafficking in the bodies of Jewish women a reason for national pride? Have we no shame?
The State of Israel erupted with noise and emotion when just under a month ago, the Prime Minister called a festive press conference and announced that he has succeeded in establishing peaceful relations between Israel and the United Emirates.
The Prime Minister’s announcement led to senior and veteran journalists, those who until that moment had lashed out against and kicked Binyamin Netanyahu every night in TV studios, heaping unprecedented praise on him: Barak Ravid, Amnon Abramovitch and others.
I’ll state from the outset: My position is that the entire agreement, called “normalization”, is fundamentally bad. An agreement that under its sponsorship, another foreign country, besides Jordan, will get ownership rights over the Temple Mount, as its Arab citizens will get approval to flood the holy site in their multitudes, is not a good agreement for the State of Israel. An agreement that was signed in order to prevent the application of sovereignty over areas of land in Judea and Samaria, is a dangerous agreement for the State of Israel. The only normalization that exists with the signing of the agreement, is normalization for a policy of surrender, anti-nationalism, flimsiness and cowardice.
It’s important to me to note that I have no objection in principle to peace agreements with other countries, but only if it’s about the truth of “peace in exchange for peace”, not fake peace in exchange for the Temple Mount and sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.
And on top of that comes another good reason why this is a dangerous agreement: On Channel 12 there was a “festive” news item that in the framework of the agreement between the State of Israel and the United Emirates, there would be the following dubious cooperation: A modeling agency from the United Emirates contacted Roberto Ben Shushan, owner of an agency in Israel, to send Israeli models for projects in Dubai.
Let’s for the moment put aside the national and halachic problems arising from the agreement itself. Is trafficking in the bodies of Jewish women, a reason for national pride? Is there no shame? And yes, this is trafficking in women in every respect; it is not women in hi-tec or start-up entrepreneurs who will be taking off from Ben Gurion airport for Dubai, but women whose purpose is to serve as tools for the enjoyment of Arab men in the Emirates. Did we say “objectification” yet?
And not just that: In an interview held on “First Edition” on Channe 12 with the Israeli model agent Ben Shushan, during the broadcast he gave an “incentive” to models to aspire to the position: “Don’t forget that in Dubai there are many princes, and every girl dreams of a prince”, he told the program’s news presenter, Oren Weigenfeld. These words, not even Weigenfeld himself could stand, and he sharply answered Ben Shushan: “Really, in exchange for greed and artificial honor, should we agree to give up our national honor? The basic honor of Israeli women?”
This is the real truth: We didn’t form a Jewish state to send its girls to sparkle the eyes of men in a Muslim-Arab desert country in the Middle East. If that’s the “peace” agreement, we should tell them: Shalom – and goodbye.
Benzi Gopstein is the Chairman of the Lehava organization.



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