Put the medicine before the disease

Benzi’s latest “Behind the Flames” column in Matzav HaRuach:
Put the medicine before the disease
One of the goals at the top of our priority list in the Lehava organization is to provide preventive medicine; i.e., to succeed in preventing the assimilated relationship even before it starts to take shape; and according to the well-known example: Instead of making a hospital underneath the destroyed bridge, like in Chelm, fix the bridge as much as we can. This is in fact also the name of the organization – Lehava (להב”ה) – to prevent assimilation in the Holy Land (למניעת התבוללות בארץ הקודש). However, since the bridge from which many girls fall into assimilation is very long and full of breaks and destruction in so many parts, it cannot be completely repaired. What can be done is to identify from them, those places that are most prone to fall apart and to work on fixing that section.
The assimilation virus has not escaped any sector in Israel, and has even hurt the best families from the highest socioeconomic strata. It usually happens this way: Many girls who study in the best Religious-Zionist and Charedi institutions drop out of these educational frameworks following specific difficulties. These girls go out to the streets, wander around in questionable areas, looking for excitement. Arab men of all ages exploit these girls, who can’t distinguish between exploitation and love, so they fall into their nets.
In order to provide a response to this phenomenon, we are currently setting up a special seminary on an agricultural farm just outside of Kiryat Arba. The seminary is opening its gates to girls between the ages of 17-25 who have not found their place in a regular educational framework, as I stated, and who want to integrate into a warm, loving place, with an accent on personal guidance for each and every one of them, and finding a suitable framework for each girl specifically. Likewise, the seminary is meant for religious girls who finished their compulsory studies and are infused with a feeling of mission and motivation to contribute to the Jewish people, in order to give all the girls the feeling that they are in a good, healthy framework, receive equal treatment and are not considered “abnormal”.
The seminary’s goal is first and foremost to rehabilitate these girls and to deepen their love of the Jewish people and the land, via study of the Torah of the Land of Israel and linking up to tradition and national roots.
Classes in the seminary will take place 5 days per week, and every 3 weeks a special Shabbat will be held. The uniqueness of the seminary is that along with studies of the sacred texts that suit the girls’ level, agricultural activity will take place every day, working on the farm with animals there, art workshops, and workshops for personal empowerment. Those girls interested in registering themselves or their friends or family members, are invited to get in touch with Ayala at 054-3407258 or Nechama at 054-5988710.
We should mention that until now we have not picked a name for the seminary, which is currently taking shape. If you are interested in suggesting a name or dedicating it in memory of someone close to your heart (mother, grandmother, etc.), and to partner with us in saving lives, in putting the medicine before the plague of assimilation, is welcome to get in touch with me ASAP at 052-8693848.
Shabbat Shalom,

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