Meeting with a lost “Bat Melech” (daughter of a king) grazing in strange fields, is challenging

Meeting with a lost “Bat Melech” (daughter of a king) grazing in strange fields, is challenging. This requires from us that we identify with the diamond in the rough, to look inside the soul of the one who crossed the line and tasted the sin. To understand that a Jew, even if she has sinned remains a Jew, to believe in the power of teshuva to connect with the soul and reach out to her. It is a shared journey into the spaces of the mind, contemplation of the inside which enables us to find the pain and distress that were repressed and that led to them to taste the forbidden. From within the look inside, to walk with her hand-in-hand back to herself, to the Jewish people. Behind every girl there is a family in pain, disappointed and discouraged, having a hard time dealing with the disconnect. We share their pain in trying to renew the connection and trust, and to inspire hope and faith. There is a way back; one can go from alienation to connection.
These days, as Jewish identity in the country is under attack, we try to stand up straight, fearlessly, to face the law enforcement authorities that do not give any answer to girls who have been harmed by nationalistic terror, and to demand justice.
Along with caring for the girls, I have published the book “M’afar Kumi” (Rise from the Dust). The book is a collection of articles I wrote in the press. Every story in the book is a story of a girl, and for us, each one is a whole world. Writing this allowed me to ventilate the feelings that flooded me and to share the successes and even the failures with the public, to protest against the Chilul Hashem and to scream against the injustices of the system.
The reactions to the book are many, but one of them has touched me the most, that of Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu shlit”a, who read the book and sent me a message that the book can save innocent souls, and that it’s a mitzvah to distribute it everywhere.
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