Lehava sums up the year: 19 girls left their Arab partners and married Jewish men

Lehava sums up the year: 19 girls left their Arab partners and married Jewish men
In a video launched by the Lehava organization and posted on social networks, one can see how Lehava sums up the year in astounding numbers
Yossi Salomon, Yemanim 24/9/20
The Lehava organization, headed by Benzi Gopstein, produced a short video last night that sums up the Lehava organization’s past year in numbers.
1,478 referrals came in to the organization’s switchboard during the past year, 612 incidents of assimilation of women who formed romantic relationships with non-Jews, as opposed to 70 cases of Jewish men who connected with women who are not Jewish.
Of the women handled by Lehava, one can see that 142 of them are girls under the age of 18. 16 of them are married women and 9 of them are girls doing National Service.
Lehava added that in the past year, via closely accompanying the girls, they managed to cause 139 Jewish girls to break their relationship with their non-Jewish partners.
The most prominent number is that as of the end of the year 5780, 106 girls in a relationship with a non-Jew are now debating whether to end or continue the relationship. The most pleasing number that can be seen is that 19 girls left their Arab partners, and then happily married Jewish men this year.
The video also notes that 20,000 stickers and about 240,000 flyers dealing with the danger of assimilation were distributed during the past year all over the country. 9 members of the team work 24 hours around the clock to save Jewish women.
4 attorneys give legal advice and representation in the courts. This is in addition to the book by the head of the treatment department of the organization, Anat Gopstein, who last month published the book M’Afar Kumi (Arise from the Dust), as well as 50 articles in Shabbat leaflets. The video ends with the number of indictments the organization received last year (one indictment).


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