Lehava – For the prevention of assimilation in the Holy Land

 Lehava – For the prevention of assimilation in the Holy Land


Partner with us to save the children




What sin did the children commit? What sin did the second generation of a mixed marriage commit? These children are Jews in every respect who did not sin, and we are fighting for their Jewish identity. We of the Lehava organization do everything in our power to help in each case of assimilation, but the hardest cases of them all are those with women with children. After long efforts to take the woman out, the struggle over the children begins. The cases described here are a small part of the stories we handle. About the children who are torn between two worlds, a child whose mother teaches him to say “Shema Israel” and a father who forces him to go to the mosque… a Jewish child, miserable and confused.


The battle is not waged only in the child’s heart, inside of him, but also in the courts, with judges who to our great misfortune are not loyal to the holy Torah, and who in the name of equality, want the son to learn the “religious heritage” of his father the Muslim.


A lot of money is invested in these legal battles. We of the Lehava organization do everything we can so that the children can have a Jewish future; we do not scrimp on any means to save a Jewish child. We take on the best family lawyers who will go with this case, we first of all hire the expert lawyers required, and only afterwards we take care to raise the required funds.


In one of my conversations with a Jewish boy, the son of a Jewish mother and an Arab father, we went into a synagogue. He told me “Come”, and we approached the holy ark, opened the ark and saw eight Torah scrolls there. How much does each one cost, he asked, and I answered him: Between 80-160,000 shekels, depending on how ornate they are… And then he asked me a question that left me without any answer. He started with the well-known halacha that in order to rescue the captive, in order to rescue a Jewish child, even a Torah scroll must be sold, and then he asked: “Do you know how many Jewish children could have been saved with the Torah scrolls here? We don’t even read out of them once a year.” As I said, I had no answer for him. But at that very moment, I decided that we of the Lehava organization would do everything to save a Jewish child, and at any price. Money would not prevent us from saving a Jewish child. To leave him Jewish, so that on Yom Kippur he will go to a synagogue, not a mosque.


This is your opportunity to be partners with us in redemption of the captives, in rescuing Jews. There is no greater mitzva than this, as we approach the Days of Judgment. And just as you are partners in saving G-d’s children, I have no doubt that G-d will have mercy on you and your children.

With love of Israel,

Benzi Gopstein


Maimonides (Rambam) states that there is no greater mitzvah than the redemption of captives, even coming before providing for the poor (See “Laws of Gifts to the Poor”, Chapter 8, Halacha 10)


SAVE THE CHILDREN. Will the children remain Jews?

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