Fire immediately the employee who was proud of the abuse of a young Jewish woma

Benzi Gopstein to Na’amat chairperson: Fire immediately the employee who was proud of the abuse of a young Jewish woman
Lehava chairman Benzi Gopstein sent an urgent letter today (Monday) to the chairperson of Na’amat, demanding to immediately fire the “Hadash” faction chairperson of Na’amat and the chairperson of the southern “Triangle” district of Na’amat, Maisam Jaljuli, after she proudly declared that she joined her friends in the abuse of a young Jewish woman.
In a tweet that Jaljuli published on her Twitter account, she wrote: “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. An hour ago, during a walk with some friends in the Kfar Saba park, we approached a religious Jewish girl who was taking a stroll, and when she heard us speaking Arabic, she broke out in a run, but the exercise didn’t help her, and again we were breathing down her neck. She started running again, and that repeated itself again for many minutes. The truth is, for a moment I was enjoying the game!”
In light of this, Gopstein wrote to the chairperson of Na’amat, as said, and demanded that the employee be fired. “As one who stands at the head of a movement that champions gender equality and works toward the empowerment of women, you cannot just pass over these things to ‘business as usual’. This is an open declaration, unequivocable and unambiguous, where a senior employee in your movement is proud that she abused a young Jewish woman, caused her considerable distress and caused her trauma – and this is only because she is a Jew. This is not activity whose purpose is female empowerment, but Arab nationalism. There is only one description for this action, madam: Terror”, wrote Gopstein in his letter.
Gopstein concluded: “In light of the aforementioned, I’m writing to you to demand that Jaljuli be fired from her position immediately. Every second she continues to serve in her position, sends a message that an attack on Jews for nationalistic reasons is a legitimate act.”

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