Because of Gopstein: Facbook blocks a user for 30 days

Good morning Iran! Facebook blocked the Facebook page of commentator and presenter Shimon Riklin on Arutz 20 | The cause: Mentioning the name of Benzi Gopstein.
(Note from Dina: Riklin hosted Benzi on his TV show, where he told Benzi that the LGBTQ community are a gang of perverted pedophiles. I will post the link to the show in the comments.)

(Translation of article from Srugim)
Because of Gopstein: Facbook blocks a user for 30 days
The user was blocked because of a post on Arutz 20’s site about Benzi Gopstein. The cause: Mention of Gopstein’s name. Riklin: “I don’t understand why the Right does not abandon the narrow-minded Facebook network.”
Guy Ezra, Hadashot Srugim 10 Tamuz 5780/2 July 2020
The social media site Facebook blocked the user who posted on Channel 20’s page about the Right-wing figure, Benzi Gopstein. The user was blocked from posting on the page and from reacting to posts for 30 days.
According to Riklin, the block came as a result of a post where he wrote: “Is Riklin permitted to speak with Benzi Gopstein?”
As a reminder, Facebook does not allow any mention of Gopstein’s name on the social network. Gopstein filed suit against Facebook about two years ago, which is under consideration in the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court.
Riklin himself wrote in response: “Facebook continues to close people’s mouths, and this time mine and my program’s on Channel 20: So, my darkened friends, it won’t help you. We are in the year 2020, not 1984, and we will say whatever we want, not what you dictate. And the truth is that I don’t understand why the Right doesn’t abandon this narrow-minded network, Facebook.”
The chairman of Lehava, Benzi Gopstein, disclosed in response: “I’m happy that slowly but surely more and more people on the Right are wising up and understand that Facebook is an anti-Semitic body, under the management of Mark Zuckerberg, that allows the publication of anti-Semitic content and incites to murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel, while silencing Right-wing people.”
Gopstein adds that “the time has come for the government of Israel, too, to put Facebook in its place and stop allowing it to do whatever it wants while dripping with hatred of Israel.”
Facebook responded to Srugim: “For the purpose of preventing real harm, we do not allow organizations or people declaring or getting involved with organized hatred, to be present on Facebook, so therefore the post was taken down. We also remove content that expresses support or praise for organizations, leaders or people involved in these activities.”
Facebook also disclosed: “Additionally, the admin. who put up the above post is a fictitious profile, and therefore was removed from the platform, since fictitious profiles stand in opposition to Facebook’s community standards.”

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