Anat Gopstein: Every citizen in the country needs a lawyer.

Every citizen in the country needs a lawyer.
Two months ago I wrote a story in my weekly column in the Shabbat weekly Gilui Da’at called “Getting Out of the Hole”. It’s the story of a woman for whom I’m a therapist.
This is a woman with children who left the village and wants to rehabilitate herself. But her 5 y.o. son is not in any educational framework, and she doesn’t have a minute to herself. We tried everything, even going to the Minister of Education, but nothing helped.
On Sunday I get a call from Atty. Amit Cohen, who read my column and was shocked by the system’s behavior, and told me “I’m here for you, voluntarily”.
He sent letters to the Ministry of Education, to the Lod Municipality and to a lot of others. He was not in daily contact with them, but he didn’t give up on them.
And today (yesterday), Sept. 1, we can bless the finished product, the boy entered kindergarten, she’s happy and she can finally take care of herself and get out of the hole.
From the diary of a therapist, Gilui Da’at
Anat Gopstein, psychotherapist and parent facilitator
(Anat reposted the original story on her FB page in Hebrew under the above, a story which I’m not translating. Those who understand Hebrew can read it on Anat’s timeline.)

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