A Jewish woman is no less important than a dog

Benzi’s latest Behind the Flames column (from the on-line Shabbat leaflet Matzav HaRuach):
A Jewish woman is no less important than a dog
Following is a message we received in Lehava’s “war room“ during Chol HaMoed Succot: “** met him at work, they were together at work for several months, and she was fired because of corona. He tried to start up with her, but she didn’t want to be in touch with him. Since then, it wasn’t enough just to harass her. He sends her all kinds of messages, and even in her name to other people, he tries to discredit her, threaten her and everyone connected to her. At the police station, they say it’s being taken care of. They took out a restraining order on him for six months, but he still continues to bother her and her sister. He uses “talkmans” (pre-paid SIM cards).
That Jewish girl, bothered by that despicable creature, expected that we of the Lehava organization would do what the police don’t do; that we would give her a solution to the problem that is so obvious – the right not to be bothered and threatened. We explained to her that we act only in accordance with the law, and we offered her legal aid via consultation with our lawyer.
But she expected more. She expected us to rise up and do justice, and prevent that Arab from continuing to hurt her. Of course, we, too want to do justice. Except that I’m Benzi Gopstein, not Michael Taruni or Dennis Charkov (Israeli actors with physical prowess). For whoever hasn’t heard, here it is: A week and a half ago, a shocking video was posted where a guy was violently beating his dog. Two well-known stars of the web, Michael Taruni and Dennis Charkov, filmed themselves arriving at the man’s home, entering it and forcibly removing the dog from his hands. They certainly violated the law when they entered the home without permission, but they won eternal glory in all the media outlets, without a hint of criticism. Indeed, they saw injustice – and felt they had to act.
If we had dared just to explain to that Arab that it’s not right to bother a Jewish girl, we would have found ourselves under immediate arrest, extended until the end of the proceedings, with indictments that employees of the prosecutors’ office would have worked overtime to write in order to file against us within days. And about the media, there’s nothing at all to say: Slander, insults, condemnations, derogatory names – all of this would have been our portion, if only we had tried to do justice…
How do I know all this? Here’s an example: Three years ago, dozens of cops and detectives broke into my home in Kiryat Arba in the wee hours of the morning, rushing me off quickly to the Russian Compound in Jerusalem. During the trip I tried to wonder what all the hysteria was about. When I arrived at the station, my big “crime” was uncovered: I told an assimilating girl that it’s not good that she’s going out with an Arab. Just for this sentence, I was in a holding cell for 48 hours.
It’s about time we start being zealous for the honor of Jewish girls, no less than for the honor of dogs. The time has come for the Israeli police to start acting like JEWISH police who handle, with an iron fist, all of those who bother young Jewish girls just for being Jewish, instead of clashing with good Jews. Shabbat Shalom.

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