A celebration of democracy, but only for those who are authorized

Benzi’s latest “Behind the Flames” column in Matzav HaRuach:

A celebration of democracy, but only for those who are authorized
Again, elections. Again, for the fourth time in 2 years, the citizens of Israel will go to the polls. And again, many parties will conduct campaigns and explain to us why they are the most suitable to represent us, and why they will replace Bibi, or strengthen Bibi. But in the current election campaign that we are on the verge of, there is another unique feature: Almost every week we announce that at 20:00 in the evening, Politician X or Public Figure Y will be convening a “dramatic” press conference. The statements are essentially identical, with their bottom line being: the establishment of a new party in Israel. Seemingly great, a celebration of democracy. Every citizen has the right to vote and be elected, and the more parties are established, the more and more democracy becomes manifest. But what? All of this is only “seemingly”. Because this celebration of democracy is actually one big fake. And why so? Because not every citizen has the right to vote and be elected. I, for example, remain (in the meantime) with only the right to vote. The right to be elected has been denied me. Because in the State of Israel, the one who in the end determines whether you can run in elections, is the High Court.
When my friends Dr. Michael Ben Ari and Baruch Marzel and I ran in Knesset elections, 9 High Court judges decided to prevent us from running. They took away from us our most basic right to be elected to the Knesset and to influence public life in Israel. And all of this because we simply believe that there should be a Jewish state here and tell the truth exactly as it is. For example, that the State of Israel must fight against the phenomenon of assimilation; for example, that the State of Israel is being conquered from within by an enemy who controls thousands of dunams of land and threatens to destroy the Jewish identity of the State. The representatives of that enemy, by the way, have not been banned: Their support for terrorists who murder Jews and negate the Jewish identity of the State of Israel caused some of the judges to click their tongues during the hearing, maximum, and afterwards to unanimously approve those terrorists.
Do you understand? Hiba Yazbak, admirer of Samir Kuntar, the murderer of the 4 y.o. girl Einat Haran, is authorized in the eyes of the High Court judges to run; Ayman Odeh, who is unwilling to retreat from supporting the murder of soldiers, is a legitimate representative of the public; Ofer Casif, who compared Israel to Nazi Germany, is a proper MK; but as for me, at the time of the hearing that took place before the Court, I was busy rescuing a Jewish woman from Gaza – I am banned. Instead of the State of Israel hauling Yazbak, Odeh and their comrade off to court and sending them from here to hell, they are in the Israeli body of lawmakers, and lovers of Israel are left outside.
So don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes: Democracy here is for supporters of terror and for those who beautify (bitter) reality. For those who fight here for a Jewish state and tell the truth, democracy is only for show.
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