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The Media vs. The People

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Benzi’s latest “Behind the Flames” column in the Shabbat weekly Matzav HaRuach:
The Media vs. The People
One does not need to be a genius to discern the unceasing efforts of the Israeli media to engineer public consciousness, of course, in favor of a very specific political side with a very specific agenda. But if there’s any need for proof that not only are the media swayed completely to the left, but is deep inside the extreme left, it can be found in their absolute mobilization in favor of encouraging assimilation. According to a survey by the Smith Institute, 90% of the Jews in the State of Israel oppose assimilation, and they will do everything so that their son or daughter does not marry a goy. 90% of the public include, of course, leftists too, but only those who preserve their Jewish identity, and they oppose giving legitimization to mixed relationships. This is different, as mentioned, from the media, which seem to resort to any means to serve a distorted and dangerous worldview, whose purpose is to whitewash assimilation of our sons and daughters within the nations.
No fewer than two main news items in the senior media outlets in Israel just this past week were dedicated to the propaganda to encourage assimilation. In the esteemed weekend magazine “7 Days” of the newspaper Yediot Achronot, an interview with Alona Sa’ar, spread over three pages, was published. She is the daughter of Gideon Sa’ar, who made headlines last year because of the relationship she had with an Arab actor (and which has since ended, Baruch Hashem). The article described the strong public opposition to that relationship as “racism and overreaction”, and on the other hand, gave Sa’ar a bear-hug for that relationship and greatly empathized with it. In another article published on the N-12 site, the story was told of a woman who grew up in a Charedi home, went through a difficult childhood, and in the course of her life, married 3 times – the second time with an Arab. Of course, this fact was what received a lot of prominence in the article, which embraced it and granted it full legitimacy.
One might have expected that during a week in which Holocaust Memorial Day fell, the media would show a little more sensitivity and refrain from such publicity. But the media, as I said, does not rule out any means…
These two examples are, of course, a drop in the bucket. There have been hundreds of examples in such articles in recent years. Every time we of the Lehava organization have expressed public criticism of assimilated relationships published in the media outlets, we got a slew of insults and slander from the media calling to shut us up, to take us to court for ‘racism’ and to define us as a terror organization.
Because the Israeli media is the classic example of those who cloak themselves as liberals, but who actually serve as the biggest silencers of all, the media will be willing to grant extensive, caressing and sympathetic coverage to women who cry bitter tears over ‘racism’ and ‘hatred’ they have experienced as a result of the relationship they had with Arabs, but will never be willing to grant a platform to women who ended the relationship they had with Arabs and who are interested in telling the public about the hell they experienced. Empathy and acceptance, as usual, are reserved for one side only.
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