Dear Hatzalat Am Yisrael Lehava Supporter,

Passover is nearly upon us and, while most of us look forward with anticipation, many of our community members in israel face an almost impossible challenge, wondering, “How do I provide my family with enough food to celebrate the holiday with dignity and joy?”

An increasing number of Jews in the holy land find themselves locked in a day-to-day struggle to put food on the table. Poverty exists all around us—the young mother juggling her small children at the checkout counter, the polite child in your carpool or the widower saying kaddish in synagogue. No community is unaffected.

Imagine not being able to tell your children the Passover story with joy because you yourself cannot escape the shackles of poverty. When faced with the choice of paying the bills or buying the basic necessities for Passover, people in need look to maot chitim מעות חיטים donations for help.

we encourage you to participate generously to the poor people all over the contery in israel 

To help reach greater numbers of those in need we need your help,

Your generous gift advances our collective aspiration that, this year, Jews across eretz Yisrael will be able to sit joyfully around the seder table, inspired by the story of our nation’s triumph.

Please donate to the maot chitim campaign today.

Thank you
for supporting families in need this Passover season.
David gross
Hatzalat Am Yisrael Lehava